Herbalife Herbal Aloe Products: An Overview

For years, people looking for natural remedies have used the juice of the aloe vera plant. Now you can take advantage of that same ingredient in many of the Herbalife herbal aloe products. The products are intended to moisturize and nourish your skin. No abrasives or chemicals are included. Instead, the body bar is made from whole leaves, vitamins E and A, and olive and grape seed oils.

When you use the bath and body bar, your skin is cleansed gently and thoroughly. The natural botanicals and other ingredients support softening and healing actions. Your skin will feel soothes and refreshed as you clean. No residue is left on the skin to irritate and attract dirt.

The bar can be used daily with no harmful effects. It is gentle enough to use on every member of the family. Since it doesn’t strip essentials from you skin, you can use it without concern for dryness and irritation in the aftermath.

In addition to the bath bar, Herbalife produces more offerings to supplement the power of gentle cleansing. The body lotion is a good complement to the bar for bathing and showering. Dry skin will benefit from the soothing gel. Hands can be softer and smoother when you apply hand cream regularly.

Improved Digestion With Herbalife Cell Activator

Even the healthiest person can achieve improved digestion with Herbalife cell activator. The specially formulated ingredients include vital nutritional factors and rare botanicals. The vitamins and minerals help your cells to generate energy, while the herbs and other ingredients support endurance and stamina at the cellular level.

Assimilation of the nutrients that you supply your body with is as important as getting the right vitamins and minerals. You want to make the intended use of each of the essential nutrients and building block so that you will be more energetic and healthier. The formula in the Cell Activator contains a range of products that recharge the workings and functions of your body at the cellular level.

Specifically, the formula helps to absorb micro-nutrients through the use of aloe. Healthy aging is another goal of the product, which is rich in antioxidants and botanicals. An energy boost is provided through Krebs Cycle intermediates. This helps cells manufacture ATP.

Mineral energizers such as potassium magnesium aspartate includes energy in the cells and transport of nutrients. Reishi mushroom help your body’s ability to manage stressful situation. Stamina in the adrenal gland is promoted by Rhodiola. This substance is believed to promote a more positive outlook on life.

Herbalife Formula 1 Meal Replacement Shake

The Herbalife Formula 1 meal replacement shake is a proven way to accomplish general good health, weight gain or weight loss. One product that performs all three functions for adults or children is a convenient and easy methods of managing your daily nutritional intake. The shake is delicious, no matter which of the six flavors you select.

By replacing one or two repasts daily with Formula 1, you obtain protein, vitamin C and vitamin E. In fact, you ingest up to 20 important minerals and vitamins in one package. Herbs and other ingredients to improve health and digestion are part of the low calorie product. The included nutritional benefits are the same or higher than you would obtain using traditional intake.

The product is beneficial for those individuals who need to add a few pounds. Low body weight in individuals due to illness or digestive problems can be resolved by adding the drink to regular meals, rather than instead of the meal. For those individuals who are not concerned about weight fluctuations, the item is a recognized method to ensure that you always meet your daily nutritional needs.

The drink is easy to prepare. You just add two tablespoons of powder to eight ounces of milk. You can enhance the flavor with fresh fruit or other flavorings.

Herbalife History: A Brief Overview

With a presence in 61 countries, Herbalife history is a shining example of what can be achieved in just over a quarter century of operation. With it’s initial offering of a few weight-loss products sold from a car trunk, Mark Hughes brought his business concept in only two years of operation to $2M in sales and its first distributorship outside the US.

By 1996, the company was publicly traded on NASDAQ and had achieved $1 billion in annual sales. The company has expanded from strictly weight-loss business to one that offers a full line of personal care, nutritional, weight management, weight gain and weight loss products.

Distribution of the quality products is through more than 1 million independent dealers in 61 countries. The company is now traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Under the leadership of Michael Johnson since 2003, the business continues to promote life-changing, effective and safe products. A history of filling orders quickly and accurately has helped company growth.

As a market leader in health and wellness products, the business is poised to further expand. Using local or online ordering promotes the convenience of obtaining quality products quickly. The business currently employs over 2500 employees, all dedicated to providing quality, effectiveness and freshness for this innovative company model.