Herbalife Formula 1 Meal Replacement Shake

The Herbalife Formula 1 meal replacement shake is a proven way to accomplish general good health, weight gain or weight loss. One product that performs all three functions for adults or children is a convenient and easy methods of managing your daily nutritional intake. The shake is delicious, no matter which of the six flavors you select.

By replacing one or two repasts daily with Formula 1, you obtain protein, vitamin C and vitamin E. In fact, you ingest up to 20 important minerals and vitamins in one package. Herbs and other ingredients to improve health and digestion are part of the low calorie product. The included nutritional benefits are the same or higher than you would obtain using traditional intake.

The product is beneficial for those individuals who need to add a few pounds. Low body weight in individuals due to illness or digestive problems can be resolved by adding the drink to regular meals, rather than instead of the meal. For those individuals who are not concerned about weight fluctuations, the item is a recognized method to ensure that you always meet your daily nutritional needs.

The drink is easy to prepare. You just add two tablespoons of powder to eight ounces of milk. You can enhance the flavor with fresh fruit or other flavorings.

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