Herbalife Herbal Aloe Products: An Overview

For years, people looking for natural remedies have used the juice of the aloe vera plant. Now you can take advantage of that same ingredient in many of the Herbalife herbal aloe products. The products are intended to moisturize and nourish your skin. No abrasives or chemicals are included. Instead, the body bar is made from whole leaves, vitamins E and A, and olive and grape seed oils.

When you use the bath and body bar, your skin is cleansed gently and thoroughly. The natural botanicals and other ingredients support softening and healing actions. Your skin will feel soothes and refreshed as you clean. No residue is left on the skin to irritate and attract dirt.

The bar can be used daily with no harmful effects. It is gentle enough to use on every member of the family. Since it doesn’t strip essentials from you skin, you can use it without concern for dryness and irritation in the aftermath.

In addition to the bath bar, Herbalife produces more offerings to supplement the power of gentle cleansing. The body lotion is a good complement to the bar for bathing and showering. Dry skin will benefit from the soothing gel. Hands can be softer and smoother when you apply hand cream regularly.

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